Orthodontic treatment is available to patients of all ages. In accordance with the American Orthodontic Society, we recommend that children have their first orthodontic evaluation by age 7. With early evaluation and diagnosis, children can achieve optimal orthodontic results. Early treatment provides a range of benefits and often means that a patient can avoid surgery or other serious complications. There is, of course, no age limit for orthodontic treatment as both children and adults benefit from orthodontics. As such, our office accommodates orthodontic patients of all ages.

Here's what you can expect when considering orthodontics:

  • Your first visit likely will be what we call an orthodontics workup. At this 40-minute appointment, an assistant will take X-rays and other diagnostics that the doctor will use to determine your treatment plan. We also may take impressions to make models of your mouth.
  • A week or two later, we will have you back for a one-on-one consult with the doctor. Here, in a private setting, the doctor will go over his recommended treatment for either you or your child. This appointment usually lasts about a half-hour, and it's an opportunity for you to ask any questions you might have.
  • At the same appointment, our orthodontics coordinator will go over your orthodontics contract, case quote, insurance and financing options, including CareCredit.
  • You may choose to schedule your first few appointments for your ortho start at this time or you may give us a call back when you're ready. No fees are due and no contract needs to be signed until you arrive for your actual start date. Please note that conditions vary slightly for Invisalign cases.


We use the following braces during orthodontic treatment:

Gold Braces

Gold braces are stainless steel braces coated with 24-karat gold and are popular with patients of all ages.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are made of translucent (clear) material. They are most popular with adult patients, due to their cosmetic appeal. The only drawbacks to ceramic brackets are that they are more fragile, and the elastic ties can discolor between orthodontic visits.


Clarity™ braces feature a comfortable design with a translucent appearance. Made from a hard ceramic material, these braces won't stain or discolor. With the same performance as metal braces, many patients are now choosing the clear option – Clarity!


If you're looking for a more aesthetically pleasing alternative to metal braces, Inspire! may be for you. Crafted from clear sapphire, these braces also are very strong and dependable. Check with your dentist to see if Inspire! is right for you.

Mini Diamond

Mini Diamond braces are popular with patients of all ages. Noticeably smaller than regular metal braces, this appliance is more comfortable. They're also efficient, yielding the same treatment time as traditional braces.